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diversity, multi-cultural and global awareness is a huge problem in the university and universities. The majority of international students in the university campus today’s student body. Therefore, global and multi-cultural awareness should be embraced, but most American students have never been abroad, and do not understand other cultures or ethnicities.

The world trip humanitarian worker, minister and professional speaker I serendipitously stumbled upon the need for multi-cultural and global awareness in universities, while taking part in a voluntary international language conversation hour for foreign students desiring to learn English.

there was a way to give back, not to mention after traveling more than 50 countries and 6 continents myself a little bored with the Americans only account. Every time I came back from overseas, I went through a reverse culture shock, and felt homesick. I was at home. I discovered that my heart is most at home abroad with many wonderful people in the world.

I took a particular shine to Asia, where two-thirds of the world’s alive. India and China alone cost two-fifths of the world’s population. Still, if you were an American university, a Sikh from India on his college campus might be confused for a Muslim to do multi-cultural sensitivity difference.


working at Ground Zero the first week of 9-11, I immediately sensed the danger to the future of American foreign policy that the full force of the “theater of war” and too fast early and demonize other nations, nationalities and little is known.

Unfortunately, my instincts proved correct, and the government did just that. Therefore, it will pay the foreign policy blunders and still trying to clean up the mess, while seeking to regain the confidence of the international community. The latter will not be easy, as America grossly violated and alienated the Arab and Muslim world.

However, Arab, Muslim, and Asian students continue to come to America to study in colleges and universities. Here, then, is the opportunity to begin to build bridges, create a multi-cultural and global awareness, and embrace diversity on campus.

I think the colleges, universities and scientific institutions to embrace the Arabs and Muslims and will continue to do so. The challenge remains educating (and re-educate) Americans who have no travel experience from other nationalities and ethnic stereotypes are misnomers, false assumptions, erroneous tendencies, rough prejudices and derogatory distortion generated at the university opposites.

much better early on to invest in the establishment of a multi-cultural and global awareness of the student body that spans all ethnic groups in the scientific family as alienated bright international students and many wonderful ethnic groups among us, and we find ourselves devilishly divided and later embroiled in a lawsuit.

Indeed, cultivating diversity and multicultural, inclusive attitude of the major college campus and you have to deal with, in order to succeed in college and university.

Time diversity has become a cause for celebration not division. The world is increasingly closer to arise thanks to the internet and modern technology. Our paths will cross more and more frequently all over the world. The potential new breakthrough in science and boundless success through cross-pollination.

Therefore, let us create an academic community where the global and multi-cultural awareness are cultivated at the university, so we can transcend the tendency to fight each other and begin to passionately feel for each other like family.


Source by Paul Davis

Scholarships African American students, to help reduce the cost of college


Scholarships African American students often important to be able to make education a reality. The trick is to know where to look and what to look for. Grants and other financial aid for college is becoming more prevalent. Over the past five years, the popular rise of various online colleges, the doors to further education opened more individual, this means that people from different walks of life (including sex, race, and the circumstances as well) have an opportunity that was not you know that in the past.

Various scholarships and financial support to transport various deadlines and criteria to be met. For example, the Clayton competition available to African American college students pursuing a degree in the field of Journalism, Mass Communications, English or PR. Remember that the March 1 deadline, so the budget in the time to fill out the necessary components of the application. The amount awarded to the winners run in the range of 500-1000 dollars. To that we must be currently enrolled in a school in Georgia. A grade point average, should be 2.5 or higher.

Some other African-American scholarship options include Deborah Wolfe Fellowship, Scholarship WIBC, United Negro College Fund Atlantic University, Carl English Award and the National Black Nurses Association funds.

Talk to the financial aid counselor in high school or go to the office of the college you are already registered. Scheduling, you’ll be writing essays for admission and scholarship forms in order to stay organized.


Source by Dee Cohen