driving under the influence – the Impact, death and accidents


DUI – driving under the influence or DWI – driving while intoxicated has become prevalent in the news lately; celebrities, teenagers, college frat parties, and so on. It has become very common in adults and teenagers. Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Tony Rock (Chris Rock’s brother), Mike Tyson, Rebecca De Mornay, Nick Bollee, Parris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Ray Liotta, Vivica A. Fox; Tony LaRussa, Warren Moon and Shia LaBeouf are just a few of the celebrities who have been caught in the Celebrity DUI Spotlight. Apparently not pay much attention to statistics and news, because on average, every 40 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver.

DUI or DWI has become prevalent in today’s society. In 2002, 2.3 Americans aged 18 and older were analyzed, and reported alcohol impaired driving. When compared to the 1997 survey, the number of the same population in a given year 2.1. The National Commission against drunk driving (NCADD) of more than 20% of all traffic fatalities in the United States each year there is cause for drunk driving. DUI or DWI prove deadlier than I knew before. Executives often over look that intoxicated or DWI dangerous. People do not take the trouble to understand the tragic consequences of DUI and the basis for this risk.

I understand that we live in a very secular society and partying and having a good time is a part of human nature, but the simple key responsibility. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of MADD (Mothers against drunk driving) and SÅDD (students destructive decisions) campaigns out there. MADD is a non-profit organization that seeks to stop drunk driving, support the stakeholders of drunk driving, prevent underage alcohol use, and full push stricter alcohol policy. The organization was founded in 1980, the Irving, Texas Candice Lightner, then 13-year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver, Clarence Busch. On the other hand, founded Sadd in Students Against drunk driving in 1981, Wayland, Massachusetts, has grown to become the nation’s dominant peer-to-peer youth prevention organization with more than 10,000 chapters in middle schools, high schools and colleges in the USA (United States). In 1997, in response to ask students themselves Sadd Saddam has expanded its mission and name and now sponsors chapters called Students destructive decisions. Sadd continues to support the use of alcohol and other drugs related to the company “is not available” message. The expanded focus, SÅDD now highlights prevention of all destructive behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to young people, including underage drinking; drug use, impaired driving, violence and suicide.

The state drinking campaigns. Responsible includes plans before the party booze time. This involves getting behind a designated driver, he plans to sleep at a friend’s house, where a party is held there or sleep in your car, if you find yourself in a bar or club. Do not be a victim or a part of the statistics. You need to be responsible enough to understand the consequences and the effects of drunk driving to places such as the individual and for society. I would like to introduce to you some families. Here are the first family. Imagine the three children and the mother of a large family gathering, and on the way home, the children’s grandmother and deliver the car in front of you. Suddenly, the driver going the wrong way, drunk, beat the family frontally. The three children and the mother immediately die right in front of your eyes. Imagine this pain, hurt and suffering that you have to endure the rest of your life. Someone decided to take a chance on life, and took the lives of four of their own.

This happened to Cassie Crapps 26 years, on February 6, 2008 in Arkansas. Her three children and mother was killed by a repeat offender who has decided to be irresponsible. He wanted to party and have a chance. “You can not eat your cake and have it.” This saying is true. When human life, especially where others are a concern, you can not take chances. Life is not about gambling; LIFE is expensive. That’s one thing you can not give back to someone if we consider do not have that power. It can hurt someone with a bad thing and apologize to them and forgive. However, if you hurt a person’s feelings, there will still be a way to make him understand, through apologies. You can damage something from someone and be able to pay back in cash or other goods and services. however; If damaged life of a person or a person, it will never replace the destruction, pain, disappointment, pain, agony and suffering felt by love is left to carry the burden or take care of injuries. This pain is indescribable. The hole is so deep that no matter how many condolences comes does not require that the location of that person once occupied.

September 19, 2008, lost someone very dear to me, my husband. My nightmare begins every September 14 My husband called home from work, and it was the transformation:

Smal: Hi Sweetie,

Lydia: Hi Smal. How are you?

Smal: You’re awake?

Lydia: Yes. I just woke. I spent the whole day salon. You need to find another salon. They’re going too slow in the current site.

Smal: Does a good job with your hair?

Lydia: Yes, that’s enough.

Smal: Honey, you will not believe what happened to me.

Lydia: What? Are you okay? You’re stuck in traffic?

Smal: No. My car is overheating, do not understand it. It was only servicing.

Lydia: Where are you?

Smal: I am a 23 exit 695, on the left, on the shoulder. Have you turned off the car to help the engine to cool.

Lydia: Honey, I think you can turn around and try to go to mom’s house. Not far from there, and then I’ll meet you there.

Smal: No honey. It’s too late to go to your parents’ house. They are all asleep. I’m too tired. I just want to come home.

Lydia: You want me to call a tow truck?

Smal: They will not be forever. You know what? Come and meet me. Bring antifreeze and it will be used to cool the engine and lead behind me. If this continues to give us a problem, we’ll call a tow truck.

Lydia: OK sweetie, I’ll see that a couple.

Smal: and oh, baby, you could drink some water, I’m thirsty.

Lydia: Okay, I’ll be there soon. Bye, baby.

Smal: bye

In my wildest dreams, I never thought that this is the last conversation that pervades between my husband. When I got there, everything was where I saw the flashing lights of police cars and ambulances. The interstate has been stopped. It is about 3-4 lanes on the highway, and they are all closed at around 1 / 2-1mile before the collision. I called my husband about a million times and then I realize that she needs who attended the crash. The tears started; My legs became weak, numb. I did not feel the pedals under my feet. My heart was pounding and pulses was faster than my thoughts. I felt like I was passing out. I called my mother. He ran to my aid. I did not know if I wanted to move forward or stop. I knew that the world had turned upside down, but I did not know the details. Finally, after 1 hour, or one and half hour, the traffic began to move. I could not wait to see the scene. I was praying and hoping, and then I saw my husband Mustang. The car windshield was on the roof. I just wanted you to know that my husband where abouts. They said he helivac (emergency medical helicopter) shock trauma. I am a registered nurse so; I knew it was not good. I raced to the hospital, and my husband has been revived x 1. My tears flow into, like rain. I could fill a house by then. I prayed like you’ve never prayed before.

The husband suffered a pelvic fracture, was a great loss of blood. He also suffered damage to his lungs. He needed immediate surgery. He told doctors that he had the full code. This meant that the need to know everything, and he knew to save his life. My husband made it out of surgery, but we are still in serious danger. I prayed. He was intubated but it was not enough. She started dying, blood was everywhere. I’m used to that, and I find myself in the mist of it all. The doctors and nurses initiated another of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). From 02: 00-07: 00, 4 x Smal would revive He was a eckemo because intubation alone was not enough. This machine acts as an external lung and heart, the circulation going. At least, that’s what I said. In the absence of kidneys it began. Blood transfusion was launched. In fact, the blood transfusions were launched in the OR (operating room). From 02: 00-12: 00, Smal received about 30units blood.

received about 80units blood within 2 days. I was very scared and just sound, it’s my mom. He refused to leave the hospital. I slept on the floor with my sister-in-law visits the castle grounds. The hospital could not provide the device in any room, because all the beds were valuable. I did not want to be away from my Smal, the “Honey”. When I got to the room, I go back and pray, this is all part of the body pain and anguish to my God. On the third day, which went on a Tuesday Smal an operation. We still do not know what happened at the accident scene. I have my knees, and he made it through. The doctors have told me I do not know what the family was doing, but keep doing it. We all pray for healing. Thursday, Sma I sat next to him and tell him I love him. I told him that God would heal, and all he did was crying. All he saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I knew that I can feel the presence and touch, despite a comma. I tried when I was around him strong. I did not want to hear the cry and give up. I told him Honey, why are you crying? I love you and I always will, no matter what. God will heal me. His sister spoke to him.

That was 10 or 23 o’clock. The pulmonologist call paged. Everything started to go wrong, and it does not look like Smal survive. It’s called Code (Code = medical emergency). They began the fifth and final CPR. I was right next to his bed. I looked, and imagine the earlier codes that I have is when people have lost loved ones. I prayed to God. I watched my husband die. All my knowledge and skills as a nurse when it came to his own, I am helpless, hopeless, weak, tired, poor, sad, angry, hurt, cold, warm, and losing balance. You can not stand on my feet because I was so numb, I dropped to the ground. At this point, I felt it my pee. My body fell to the ground because I could not restrain myself. They said that this was the end. Sweet, loving, wonderful husband Smal Aboubakar Abbot had been dead for 0047 (00:47) and Friday, September 19, 2008. He was only 27 years old. I started to look for the answers to some of my questions in the accident. The first thing I learned is that my husband has been hit by a drunk driver, Wayne Arthur Matabar while parked on the shoulder. Mr. Matabar have geared up the left lane onto the shoulder of the road hitting the car from behind my husband. It has already been put through all this misery by a drunk driver. He was parked on the shoulder wide enough to hold two cars to be safe, and because someone made the choice to drink and drive, that “under the influence”, a “drive while intoxicated,” took the precious flower, the one that I the botanical garden.

I started thinking about the dreams had not been together. I started thinking about life lived as a person. I thought the number of children we would have liked, and the names we have chosen. I thought of the day we talked about life and death. I thought, my favorite line every time you get angry at him; “Honey, do not be angry, and refused to talk to me. I could go on and something terrible could happen. We do not want this to be the last word, or actions toward me.” The only good thing I could find and decided to call their own lost in the wind. Smal was three classes away from a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He majored in accounting and business administration was his manor. I thought of the day we talked to the neighbors on the porch of her CPA exam and what they hoped to achieve. He would have completed in December 2008, but a drunk driver crashes in our lives and taken September 19, 2008. I thought about his parents, his brothers and his sisters and the respect and love they share with each other. I thought it was his faith and love for God. I started to think life is so unfair to me. The space, in my heart, I do not know when I will ever spend. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get over the mental image Smal’s death. I can not get over the last resuscitation. No one is trying to protect you from the pain and mental anguish. The nurses and doctors expected him to be brave and stand by and watch, because he was a fellow colleague. What is not realized, I was on the other side of the table and did not work. All I kept hearing was that of a nurse, and she can handle it. No one treats the death of a love one, especially her husband.

Today I am 26 and still be 27. So I decided two days, the story is another who has experienced something of a tragic 26-year-old; to share with you. His mother and three children died in a repeat offender and mine was a first timer. There is no time that is acceptable to drink and drive; no time to “drive under the influence of” acceptable to “drive while intoxicated” or. Each of injury and death caused by intoxicated or DWI is completely preventable. The people that are driving on the roads and streets that belong to someone. No one outcast. They are like you. When you’re drunk, if damaged, and decide that this is the choice to drive, think about your unique situation. Ask yourself, who am I? If you start to get an answer that is a father, a son, a daughter, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, a handsome, a grandson, a friend or any name that you associate with your link, I want you to remember that there will be consequences of its activities significant impact on the lives of those around you and the lives of those who are injured or killed in action. See all those roads and streets you could see yourself. I pray that the man who will never experience the pain and the pain hit Smal and his family that the family experiences daily. I pray that another woman, mother, father, brother, sister, in-laws and will never lose someone as valuable as someone Sma ‘driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated or someone. ”

illegal in all 50 states of the vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.08% or higher. I love the fact that you have a set value, but each knows himself. You may feel harm before it has reached this level. Get to understand yourself, your body and know your limits. All the various state laws. For example, some states tax collection, while others do not. BAC of 0.08% or more unique and universal to all States. This shows the importance and the message that EKO and MADD and other organizations like these continue to be sent to the national level. DUI or DWI remains a serious problem that the national tragically affected thousands of victims every year. I’m sure you have heard, “teach them while they are young”; “All of them, I agree.” If we follow all of these, we will be able to reduce the statistics and numbers each year. What prevents families and friends, or to become part of the statistics. Protect Your life will never drive if you think you or anyone else thinks he may have been drinking too much, or that a drug that impairs your driving. Also, do not let anyone else drive under these conditions. Let brother. Let’s treat people as we would then be treated. Do not check the drinks. You need to take control of your decisions and actions, because every move that the consumer will be the consequence; be it good or bad. Some decisions can be harmful to you or anyone. Every choice to drive while intoxicated or under the influence, will affect anyone; This includes close family members and best friends. Every action or decision, there will be consequences. They claim in the book of proverbs 20: 1 that “Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler one who is led astray by them is not wise.”


Source by Lydia Abbo

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution – 51 Years of Tyranny


1960 Pro-Soviet tyranny

1959-1960: After Fidel Castro overthrow Batista’s dictatorial administration, a host of people, including children and women, welcomed the arrival of guerrillas, but they are on the island – about the size of Tennessee– a place of oppression. On the other hand, Raúl Castro had selected his brother Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, the second leader of the Cuban Revolution. Meanwhile, in the early years of the new system, up to 3,200 Cubans Fidel Castro and his family were slaughtered. In economic terms, Castro nationalized all US businesses (without compensation). In fact, these events marked the beginning of one of the worst democratic governments of the world. Towards the end of 1960, Washington imposed an embargo of Cuba.

1960-1980: As a result of the totalitarian policy, more than a million Cubans fled to America (especially Florida), Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and Italy.

1960-1982: Inspired by the People’s Republic of China, Albania and other communist dictatorship in Cuba a democratic state had decimated the country’s tourism industry.

1960-2007: One of Fidel Castro many dictatorial reforms hemade sister-in-law, Vilma ESPIN, President of the Federation of Cuban Women -A key organization in Cuba. ESPIN, Raul Castro’s wife, was a leader of the feminist organization until the sudden death on June 18, 2007.However time, he, a former Marxist guerrilla was known as the “First Lady of the Cuban Revolution.” In the decades of the Soviet empire, his strong ties radical feminist movements in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

1960-2010: World-renowned dancer and choreographer Alicia Alonso Martínez was next to one of the most important female Haidee Santa Maria Cuadrado, Vilma ESPIN Guillois, Celia Sánchez Manduley and Mireya Luis Hernández, the Cuban Revolution. Since then, she used her fame and prestige to clean up the island’s poor image. In the early ’60s, Fidel Castro Alonso gave $ 200,000 to set up the Cuban National Ballet. From then on, the Ballet Nationalbecame an open door to the Cuban influence in the Third World and Europe.

1961: The island’s history was suddenly , however, this year, as declared in the temporary rule of the country’s Marxist stateand began a close relationship with the Kremlin -The Soviet Union was one of the first states to recognize Cuba’s tyranny – and their allies, including the German Democratic Republic (GDR), North Korea and Czechoslovakia. From then on, Moscow played a key role in the Cuban revolution. Nevertheless, after Cuba became pro-Soviet dictatorship, the political relations between states and the island deteriorated. January 3, 1961 between the two governments tensions came to a head as Cuba broke off diplomatic relations in America in the rule of law.

1962: The Republic of Cuba was suspended of the Organization of American States (OAS), which was established on 30 April 1948 in Bogotá (Colombia), more than a dictatorship.

1962- 1990: Unlike many Marxist states sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, including Ethiopia (the poorest countries in the world), Guinea, Laos and Cambodia (Asia’s poorest country), the island’s human development, employment, energy, education, culture and public health has been funded by the Kremlin (which was replaced in Venezuela since 2000). For example, members of the –chiefly most of the young people of Cuba Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) – is involved in the schools, universities and institutions of Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In fact, a number of cultural delegations visited Asia, Latin America and Europe. In 1984, the Caribbean team, led by Alicia Alonso, visited five former Soviet republics (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan). On the other hand, about 90% of the military budget was financed by the Soviet Union and other communist countries. These were the reasons that Cuba does not have financial problems -Various many Latin societies. During the Cold War, the mighty Soviet Union was Cuba’s support for political influence commensurate with the size of the third world and the economy.

1964-1990: Castro dictatorship headed by diplomat Isidoro Malmierca (the Cuban ambassador to the United Nations) made possible by in the Soviet Union’s immediate foreign policy. Fidel Castro used the Kremlin to expand its geopolitical influence in the Third World, especially in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

1967: Soviet prime minister Alexei Kosigin went to Cuba.

Fidel Castro in 1970 and Mengistu Haile Mariam

1970-1975: The totalitarian communist state was cooperative dictator Juan Velasco Alvarado in Peru relations. During this time, Raul Castro, the island’s second most powerful leader, traveling Lima.

1971-1973: After the victory of Salvador Allende presidential elections, the Cuban administration showed a deep interest in cooperation with Chile. When the winner of the elections in Chile, Allende became the world’s only freely elected Marxist head of state. Later, in 1971, surprisingly, Fidel Castro embarked on a three week tour of Chile.

1972-1990: The Socialist Republic of Cuba was outside the home to the largest community of Soviet Europe and the Soviet Union.

1975-1991: With the help of 50,000 Cuban troops in the African country of Angola, led by José Eduardo dos Santos, moved into the Soviet orbit.

1977: The Cuban dictatorship led by the delegation Sergio del Valle, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

1978-1989: The pro-Soviet policy Castro’s dictatorial rule, has sent more than 20,000 soldiers Marxist Republic of Ethiopia – an African nation over 90% of people living in abject poverty, to support the dictatorship of Mengistu Haile Mariam, who led Ethiopia is one of the worst genocides in history. During this time, teams carried out against Cuba’s repressive measures Ethiopians and Eritreans.

1979: With the support of the Soviet block (Bulgaria, East Germany), as well as anti-American States, Havana – the nation’s capital city– host the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit. Cuba’s Fidel Castro szatrapa elected president. This international event was part of the communist dictatorship strategy to win new allies in the Third World, including terrorists.

1980 pro-Castro lobby

1980: The Right dictatorship’s image abroad , violations of damaged human rights and pro-Soviet military projects in Sub -szaharai Africa, the democratic rule of Russians sent a man skilled astronaut– space. Along with Alberto Juantorena (1976 Olympic champion), Alicia Alonso and Alejo Carpentier (author), cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo was one of Cuba’s “special ambassadors” of the Cuban tyranny.

1981: The world stage, the system Castro created strong links with rogue governments like Libya, Iran and DPR Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea). In contrast, Cuba’s relations worsened in many Latin American democracies, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Peru.

1982-2008: under the influence of “ pro Castro lobby” in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), nine natural and cultural sites on the island was declared a world of wonders Havana and Fortifications (1982), Trinidad and Valley de los Ingenios (1988), San Pedro de la Roca Castle (1997), the Desembarco del Granma National Park (1999), the Viñales Valley (1999), the Archaeological landscape of the first coffee plantations in the south-East of Cuba (2000), the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park (2001), Urban Historic Centre of Cienfuegos (2005) and the Historic Centre of Camagüey (2008). Interestingly Cuba holds several world heritage sites such as Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya and South Africa.

1984: As the political and financial dependence on the rule of the Socialist Union Soviet Republics (USSR), the totalitarian communist government refused to send 200 Cuban champions and officials of the Summer 23 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, CA. Therefore, many Champs lost the chance to compete in the games that are included Javier Sotomayor (Track & Field) and Mireya Luis (volleyball) and Olympic gold medalist Maria Caridad Colón (athletics), and Teófilo Stevenson (boxing).

1985: In its efforts to improve the country’s economy, tourism has become one of the main priorities of a government. Nevertheless, the bad international image –among with the world’s oldest tyranny of the Stalinist state of North Korea– caused great damage to the island’s tourism.

1986-1992: Although there are many socialist governments, Czechoslovakia and Mongolia in the People’s Republic of China recognized that Seoul, the Cuban tyranny still rejects South Korea’s sovereignty.

1988: After a year of speculation, Cuban contingent did not take part in the Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea.

1990 Cuba – The world’s worst Olympic Country

1991: When the end of the Soviet Union Empire, the Caribbean, with few natural resources, It has transformed itself in middle-income countries, one of the poorest countries in the Americas.

1992: Eduardo Díaz Betancourt of Cuba’s exile was executed, despite worldwide appeals mercy of tyranny.

1992: Jorge Esquivel, the best dancer and choreographer of the Cuban Revolution, asked for political asylum in Italy. This defection was a serious decline of the Cuban National Ballet. The 1982 International Ballet Competition in Havana, Esquivel, one of the world’s six best dancers, choreographers his debut. In the 70s and 80s was a partner Alicia Alonso.

1993: Despite Cuba’s yearly budget of more than $ Olympic sport for the promotion of 100 million, an increase of 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) -one of the highest in the developing world was sport a big problem: there was massive defections. The 17th Central American and Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico, the island boasted a notorious difference is that “one of the world’s worst Olympic nation” in addition to Burma and Libya as a host of Olympic athletes and coaches, including softball players and swimmers , he refused to return the impoverished country.

1993 Against all odds, Alina Fernández Revuelta , Fidel Castro’s daughter, fled to Europe.

1994-2010: The Cuban regime has lost four important allies in sub-Saharan Africa: Angola (resource-rich country), Benin, Equatorial Guinea (oil-rich country) and Namibia (uranium -rich country).

1995: The island boasted one of the of the highest suicide rates in the world.

1995-2010: Socialist Republic of Vietnam in contrast to , the island, the economy is heavily dependent on tourism, was one of the worst performing economies in the developing world. The country’s economy has long been disadvantaged primitive political system. Since the breakup of the Soviet empire in 1990, many workers, nurses, teachers were forced to a lack of job opportunities to work in Latin America and Spain. With the exception of Haiti, the poorest citizens of Cuba in the Caribbean. On the other hand, relations between Havana and the importance of sports and Latin American republics agreements between economic strengthening of the Cuban dictatorship and democracy in Latin.

1998: The attempt to mollify the critics, Pope John Paul II was allowed to visit the island for the first time.

1999: The Pan American Games Winnipeg (Canada), the country’s Olympic delegation picking up more medals, but unwelcome publicity came when Cuba athlete Javier Sotomayor Sanabria, one of the island’s most venerated icons He lost since 1959 Pan American gold medal positive for drugs after the men’s high jump. Meanwhile Fidel Castro did not accept the results.

2000s perpetual dictatorship Castros

2000: Castro’s regime forged a close relationship with The government of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. His admiration for Fidel Castro, Chavez’s condition became difficult economic aid and supplier of oil to Cuba. Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashenko a dictator of Belarus, went to Havana.

2003: While the tyrant Fidel Castro of Cuba Perhaps inspired by Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Jean Bedel Bokassa,, Idi Amin and other satraps third World– expressed a desire to became president for life, the State Security Departament show increased activity of opposition groups as arrested 75 prominent human rights activists who were involved in the Varela project. They are called “prisoners of conscience” by Amnesty International. In response to Cuba’s human rights violations of a rule limiting the European Union (EU) has introduced measures to Cuba.

2005-2010: A tribute to the “Ladies White”, the European Union has blessed the 2005 Sakharov Prize. This award was hailed as a victory for the island’s pro-democracy group. The pro-democracy organization “Ladies in White” has become a global symbol of the fight against tyranny and oppression. They are one of the greatest signs of hope in the new Cuba. In early 2008, he was threatened and attacked by paramilitary forces.

2008: Because of poor health, amid many speculations, Fidel Castro stepped down from head of state and leader of the Cuban Revolution. Subsequently, he was replaced by his younger brother, Raul Castro Ruz Modesto became the seventh since the Marxist leader of a Latin American country in 1960, after Fidel Castro (1960-2008), Allende (Chile, 1971-1973), Forbes Burnham (Guyana, 1970 -1980 ), Michael Manley (Jamaica, 1972-1980), Maurice Bishop (Grenada, 1979-1983) and Daniel Ortega Saavedra (Nicaragua, 1985-1990). Raul each other for a long time waiting. Nevertheless, among the new president, prime minister in 1976 and 2008, no significant changes to the island’s political system.

2009-2010: under the tutelage of the heir Castro family dictatorship were up to 225 prisoners of conscience. Nevertheless, not much could all political prisoners.

2010: Aware that several Cuban athlete wants to escape the island, the country’s new dictator Raúl Castro, the Cuban Olympic Committee (COC), declined to send Olympic athletes, coaches and officials in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Mayaguez (Puerto Rico). The island’s sports over the past 20 years has been hit by a series of defections.


Source by Alejandro Guevara Onofre

A Review of Rural Black Symbol Stereotypes and critical analysis


Boyz N the Hood is a classic African-American film can be critically analyzed through the lens of race and gender issues in the media. The first thing I noticed when watching the film through the lens of these were symptoms of uses throughout the film that was found in the street and the neighborhood. These signals are provided visual confirmation that the paths that these young children were in the area where I grew up.

For example, immediately after the cover photo viewer depressing statistics directly correlate with the theme Boyz N the Hood was followed by the opening shot of a red “stop” sign on the street, over which a plane was flying as if to indicate the rest of the world is going on does not give a care in the world, the question that children are facing in this area.

There was also a “One-Way” street sign in the background two shots when the kids up from school or walking. It was before a glaring red “Wrong Way” sign of the corpse, which serves as a message that crime is not the right way of doing things and a fine visual indication that these kids are going down one road trip, which leads them to the wrong path in life. The upside of the writer and the director made sure to add the yellow police tape carefully in order to indicate that the audience to these types of scenarios in this movie and in real life they deserve careful attention; But in the movie the children ignored the caution tape is in the next few scenes Trae loses his temper and sent to live with his father, who teaches him how to use it carefully and ultimately define him the way, where he can rise above the warning marks appear and repeated throughout this film it shows that there is only one way, the wrong way to live and to survive in this area. Near the end of the film, there was one more sign that stood out the bodies of the boys who killed Ricky, which highlighted the word quit. However, I was glad that the title card at the very end of the film uplifting information that Trae went to university Morehouse University, Atlanta, GA. The use of street signs, statistics and information are always written in this film. Although I never pay much attention to them before, it is also possible that they served to engrave this is a strong message to these guys who grew up in this neighborhood in my soul, when, as a young girl watch this movie at different stages in my life.

Now that I looked at this week, I was sad to see the drawing pupils of primary school age depicting a colored man in a white t-shirts hands off faces what appears to be a black and white police car. This film was manufactured back in 1991 and nearly twenty-five years later, in 2015, blacks still-profile brutally harassed and killed by the police, even if they have no hand in the air weapon at or near their bodies. It hurts.

Addressable stereotypes in this film includes the use of the term Indian slip of the tongue as a white female American teacher who rephrasing her over terminology Indians quickly corrected by accident, either early settlers of America in relation to the reference.

Another stereotype is perpetuated in the film that the Self Hating black man portrayed in the African-American cop in this film who hates “niggers” as Trae your own words.

Another issue brought to light in this film focuses on people with physical disabilities, such as Little Chris, who is stuck in a wheelchair throughout his adult life. Only a dialogue in a word, “Manni …” a sincere expression of disappointment highlights the fact that people are often left out of the physical limitations during a visit to those who are mobile and without limitation, as a scene in which little Chris sees the rest of his friends to drive away go to search for the boys who killed Ricky.

I believe that Native Americans are still typically referred to as Native Americans in the media. However, I think the self-hating black man stereotype perpetuated less now than it was in the past. Nevertheless, the self-hating black male stereotype has been replaced by other stereotypes stereotypical black male characteristics that cause the black men hate or devalue themselves if we do not do it.

Finally, I think the gangsters in the movies is still often portrayed as violent African Americans and or a minority of people who attack people recklessly like the stereotypical roles portrayed by found Boyz N the Hood smaller African-American characters such as young teenage gang who stole Ricky football was when a child.


Source by Danielle Ross

“Right Offset” – Protect your assets and money


What is the “Right Offset” ?

The “Right Offset” gives a legal right institution providing the loan (ie a bank or credit union) to seize funds that may be struggling with a debit or assets taken over by the relevant bank or financial institution to cover loans for default. It is also known as the “Right-off.”

What are the dangers of the “Right Offset”?

If you are an individual, couple, or other organization that is a checking, savings or other forms of deposit accounts at the same financial institution where you have a credit card, auto loan, mortgage or other debt into account that individual or organization has what is considered a “bank conflict”. In other words, any time an asset accounts are kept in the same financial institution as a liability account because of the potential “bank conflict” occurs, that financial institutions “Right Offset”. This means that if an individual does not for some reason meet payment obligations account, the financial institution is a legal right to not only freeze that individuals are asset / deposit account, but also to seize all available resources to compensate for the debt It is that the financial institution.

What type of liability accounts payable or not “Better to Offset” refer too?

freedom of financial institutions to utilize the “Right Offset” is determined primarily by how they are hired.

State chartered and regulated credit institutions and banks, as well as federal credit unions are chartered and regulated by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) freely and authority to exercise “Right Offset” both insured accounts or asset-backed (ie mortgage, auto loan) and accounts are not insured (not backed by collateral) or open-end revolving accounts (ie certain credit cards and credit extensions).

State-chartered and regulated banks (eg Bank of America, Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo) and are free to exercise authority “Right Offset” of the insured, but not secure accounts. The banking / financial institutions, legal authority, refers to the use of the “Right to Offset” can vary between institutions. To find the specifics of the particular institutional research areas

  • regulatory authority of the institutions.
  • institutions of Member Agreement received when the creation of an account.
  • The institutions of credit / debt instruments or contracts received when establishing their credit.

Who regulates state chartered banks and federal chartered and / or financial institutions?

State chartered banks and financial institutions regulated by the relevant state Department of Banking, Department of Financial Institutions and the Ministry of Finance, where the bank or financial institution business.


Federal credit unions by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

State-chartered bank regulated by the National Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The OCC the office of the US Department of the Treasury.

How do I protect my assets?

Do not assume that this should not happen. unexpected layoffs and job losses of the current difficulties this created in the current economy. Expensive medical emergencies happen every day. Take the following steps to protect yourself:

1) split the bills. Hold instruments and deposit accounts to institutions that are not related to or affiliated in any way financial institutions where you have a credit or debt obligations.

2) Monitor, who owns the mortgage note . Mortgage bonds are bought and sold every day in the secondary market. Make sure that the financial institution where you hold deposit accounts or assets did not buy the mortgage note. If they do, however, take the equipment immediately to another institution.

3) Do not hold your investment account institutions where there is debt. A bank or financial institution will try to collect the money in any way possible. These teams attorney on fixing that is constantly seeking new ways to gather. Like all regulations are still “loop holes”. Do not put yourself in a position that example.

In closing, do your best to pay your bills on time. The “right and the Righteous” people out there that say they just need to honor your debts and pay your bills on time. These are the same people who make the loudest scream when they find themselves in an unexpected financial hardship, and it turns out that the financial institution “offset” account so they will not have the money for food and gas. There are no absolutes in life, and therefore must plan. Make some changes to proactively manage the bank now can save you a lot of possible future difficulties.


Source by Ron Capron

Are you addicted to poverty?


If you are living paycheck to paycheck, my wife and I have been many times for years, or have you ever told a regular basis, “I can never get over” Can you get used to poverty and not even know it.

The question, “Are you addicted to poverty” may seem ridiculous, even rude, but it’s not meant to be. The truth is, millions of people are addicted to poverty, but it does not go unnoticed. They prove that through spending habits, excessive debt, and lack of financial knowledge.

Like the alcoholic or drug addict, I’m sure, even now, the “denial” card is pulled out and put on the table.

phrases like “I’m not an alcoholic, or rather” not a poverty Holic “are expressed. Addicts slaves to addiction plain and simple. Dwell denial. Some can not stop the acquisition of bad assets and the insatiable desire to spend as bad debt. they know they do not need any extra thrown away, but I do. After all,

“I worked all week I deserve it! “

in accordance with the established practice of” the prodigal lifestyle “will make millions of everyday deep financial desperation blamed the government and the neighbors all financial troubles. we live in a society, not common thinking does not know anything about personal accountability, it seems this is the way anyway. new generation of young people growing up every day, leaving themselves with less than the previous generation of financial knowledge.

Back poverty …..

“I went to the area of ​​ rest, and grapes, the man void of understanding, and, behold, it was all he thorns and nettles covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was broken down Then I saw, and considered it well .. I looked at him and instructed even a little sleep, a little sleep, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come to the one that travelleth, and you would like armed man “Proverbs 24:. 30-34

poverty-Holies such things say: “ can not afford this,” and teach their children to “money does not grow on trees.” In the meantime, do not lift a finger to educate themselves in the areas most needed finance. So the financial vine lays waste and barren. In the US, some say, “This is America, just give me my salary and package beer, I do not need to know anything about the money, or accounting, or investment!”

Still struggling paycheck to paycheck, as if this is normal and right thing to do. Again I ask: “Are you addicted to poverty?” Some say that Christians, but addicted to poverty and poverty justifies using Bible scriptures, it is said to be okay, and God to the poor. Still, there is no such articles exist.

If the US economy to really change, it will come, not when Christians justify laziness or the Congress, which allows President to spend a trillion dollars a half jobs or raising taxes on the rich, which is a laugh, but if all goes FA American poverty drunk, aka anonymous financial and accountability has their own personal economies.

America needs a revival of knowledge in various fields, particularly financial. Because God did Jacob’s son Joseph’s hand can do for you …..

“And I will not feed you; because there are five years of famine, lest you and your house, and all individuals, thou hast, come to poverty. “Genesis 45:11

There is provision and a means of escape poverty …… But first, the addiction is over ……

A few still say, in this country

God Bless America


Source by Joseph Young

If my son step gym class?


Your son seems to have the right skills or gymnastics expressed a desire to go to the gym classes. There is a gym right boys, or is it just a girl “sport? This article on the pros and begin cons of gymnastics as a boy. First, it will examine the pros.

  1. creates tournament incredible core body strength. you only have to look at the physique of the men compete in the rings in all major gymnastics competition to see how the men gymnasts are the muscles that other people can only dream of!
  2. doing gymnastics can improve coordination and physical control. This is useful for all sports, so that the tournament could be other sports conducting a springboard to a high level.
  3. Urban Street dance is a new youth crazes and can be seen regularly on the TV. Street dance groups now more famous and street dance is performed around each “a” pop act. it is therefore natural that the boys should strive to be street dancers. exercise is an essential part of street dance many moving exercises that require skills such as planche which is a semi-horizontal handstand.
  4. The ratio of boys and girls are much more likely to favor boys, gym class can be a great way of finding friends with similar interests.
  5. exercise is essential for anyone thinking about becoming a stuntman. Stunts can be an exciting career, participation TV and movies in different locations around the world.
  6. tournament is very important for anyone thinking of a career on the stage and performing arts. Cirque de Soleil is full of talented gymnast who stretch the limits of death-defying feats of gymnastics and artistic performances. The fame and success of the Cirque de Soleil shows just how popular tournament outside of the traditional competition-based training.
  7. The popular tournament acts talent shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain’s Got Talent” shows how useful it is to practice the sport. Indeed, the gymnastics tumbling law known as “Spellbound” won the 2010 series of Britain’s Got Talent. Interestingly, the company more boys than girls in it.
  8. In the US, some colleges offer scholarships exercises that can help you immensely to the high cost of a college degree himself. Fewer people doing gymnastics, men’s advantage over women to ensure such a scholarship.

So what is the downside of signing up for gymnastics classes son?

  1. The son might be the only boy in gym class. Do not think that this will automatically be the case. You can only find this out from one class to go all the way up to view or contact the gym coach by phone or e-mail. You can request that your son is not a free taster session to see how it likes, and it feels good when you do not have a lot of other boys. If your son tight-lipped about his going, in relation to a tournament gifts can be encouraged him, such as hand guards, key rings or a tournament jewelry. Tournament jewelry comes in various types of metals such as silver and gold. Be careful tournament as precious jewels produced can cause skin allergies. Alternatively, could the son of a friend with him, if there is someone suitable. Talk to the parents of her son’s friends to see if any of your friends might be interested to go along with it.
  2. The son would be teased at school. However, if he proves that he can do back flips and handsprings, his classmates will be filled instead with admiration! Alternatively, the son can take street dance classes at the same time and claim that he is not in the tournament to improve street dance. Everyone knows that street dancers and to respect cool!
  3. The son did not have time to traditional boys sports such as football and rugby. It is true that no one knows everything, so the choice should always be made as to what kind of pastimes to pursue. At the same time his son will play well to traditional sports at school and so you can use your free time more specialized sports such as gymnastics.
  4. Some parents worried that their son could do gymnastics too feminine. However, men’s gymnastics women’s gymnastics variety of disciplines. The device Mens Gymnastics Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, Highbar, Rings and Pommel Horse. The four women’s apparatus: Floor, Vault, Beam and bars. However, even if women and men go through that Floor and Vault, the different disciplines. In the women’s floor routine to do the music and generally perform a ballet style. His floor routine music and not happening in a masculine style. The vault is different from that of the horse horizontal length of women and men in the way.

In summary, the pros boys doing gymnastics significantly outweigh the disadvantages. The parents expose their children placed in gym class, but should also cover their talent. Gymnastics is useful in different arenas, and in fact, that a boy seem “cool.”


Source by David Valle

Irish Mob


The FBI has plummeted debate when the Boston office is largely integrated into the corrupt federal agent John J. Connolly. Whitey Bulger was able to use its status as a government informant against his rivals not to become public knowledge as late as the mid-1990s, which is the background of the 2006 brick film and the book, Black Mass.

Some Irish mafia gangs, such as “The Westies” are quite notorious for causing mayhem on the streets of New York in the Hell’s Kitchen district. from “The Winter Hill Gang” led by Boston’s Northend Howie Winter can be quite terrified. Whitey Bulger, one of the most dangerous gangs in Boston to walk the streets, not only infiltrated the ranks of the FBI, but still large, and the FBI’s most wanted list. Jimmy Coonan notorious leader of “The Westies” as a teenager became legendary for being like a teenager standing on top of an apartment building and fired without sorting rival gang leader Mickey Spillane and his men. These were among the most feared criminal Irish people in America.

Original Irish Mob
When Irish immigrants came to the US cities, they are not quite welcomed nor the cities of the infrastructure to take care of them. It fell to tribal solidarity that has been covered rural communities in Ireland. This is how it dealt with the problem, which partly took care of survival needs. Although there was no new entrants in the Irish state will compensate for the lack of numbers at that worked to their advantage. This allowed them to focus on the level of political power almost exclusively to the Democratic Party. The resulting political organizations were America’s first political machines – small organizations, community organizations, used to transfer power to local government and public use patronage to maintain their power.

provides for the construction industry Domination
The New York Tammany machine was a prototype of this style of politics. Bosses Tweed Croker oversaw tightly controlled organizations that offered discounts – food, clothing, social services – in exchange for votes. The power exchanged jobs for kick backs. The patronage jobs mostly in law enforcement and the construction industry, which has contributed to the Irish dominance in the construction industry. It was during this period that the stereotype of the Irish police became popular. The machines were undeniably corrupt organizations, but they provide services to immigrant communities that should not have been otherwise.

Irish Mob – an alternative way
While the immigrants reacted to the difficult conditions by the cops, others chose an alternative path. The Irish mob sought to make money from the chaos of the United States of rapidly growing cities. The Irish relied on the old tradition of the family and community loyalty, tradition and rural terrorism. Irish mobsters organized gambling, prostitution and protection rackets in the urban immigrant communities.

The Irish Mafia families are not achieved great success, but failed to survive the twentieth century. The Irish mafia cooperated with the mafia in several cities, notably Chicago and Boston. Many of them are active rumrunners during Prohibition.

However, the progressive gentrification Irish immigrant community is more damaging to the appeal of the offense. As more and more Irish families moved into the middle class, the thugs lost the support network and the opportunities offered, particularly in isolated immigrant communities. After the second and third generation Irish-Americans were found to go to college and become professionals, the power of the crowd started to die


Source by Ajit Kumar Jha

The Effects of Text Messaging


according to Nielsen American teenagers send and receive an average of 2272 messages per month. This equates to almost 80 messages a day. In fact, text messaging is so popular that in North America (since 2006), 40% of mobile phone users actively use SMS. In Europe, the average was 85%. Around the world, the use of text messaging has evolved very quickly. They sent 17 billion text messages in 2000. Until 2004, this figure had risen to almost 500 billion, which is almost 85 text messages a person in the world.

The popularity of text messaging into one of positive and negative situations. For example, Kwame Kilpatrick was Detroit Mayer was his whole life upside down on a text-messaging sex scandal. He went from being the youngest mayor of any crime must be filled in Detroit. On the positive side, in the form of text messages it can also be used a source of information and reminders. Many credit card companies offer SMS reminders for upcoming deadlines. With the increased popularity of mobile phones with Internet capabilities, people would be able to pay the bills upon receiving the alert. In addition, one of a text message to Google to find out, directions, weather, flight status, sports scores, etc. Services such as ChaCha allows us to answer our questions. All you have to do is send a question to ChaCha and a live person sends a message back, within a few minutes, the answer to the question. However, these convenient services, and general text messages are the results.

Many experts agree that the text messages served more bad than good, especially in the teenage population. There are obvious security concerns, in particular the recent proposals to ban text messaging while driving. This obviously creates a distraction to drivers, putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. while walking, most people attention to the messages you type, instead of what’s in front of them. Especially busy places, I’ve noticed people are still not listening. The other day I went to Times Square and was very annoyed by people who suddenly stops in the middle of the sidewalk to complete a message. That, and a combination of both tourists and Times Square is a trap.

Teenagers easily distracted in school. Instead of taking classes, students from texting. I have seen this happen a lot in college. Especially secondary schools, it will lead to declining grades, and poor sheet. Some children are late in sending messages to friends, which has a significant impact on sleep, according to experts. I saw a lot of people are struggling to college because the phones they use so much. I think this is because when you send a text message, it’s likely that you’re in the middle of a thought. So the answer is a tendency to respond immediately, confusing it with other things (to learn). I have seen this happen in the school library all the time. Especially in the finals, you can find a table forever. It’s really annoying when people take up the study of space, but just sitting there typing on phones. During group projects, there is always a kid who keeps pulling out his phone to send a message. This creates a huge distraction from work and have a significant impact. I also read articles that cases of students send text messages to cheat. Despite the fact that teachers and professors in the state not to bring phones exams, it never enforces the rule.

I think that the major cell phone use, especially text messages, may have a negative impact on your hands. The concept is similar to the fabric type, which has proven to cause many problems. Although text messaging is not as comprehensive as the computer keyboard, the increase in traffic is still enough to cause musculoskeletal problems. However, the very limited data on this topic.

What about the use of the English language? One would think the use of abbreviations, short messages, and incomplete sentences lead to sloppy language skills. Although short text messages they sent so many times that, overall, it can affect in linguistics. Many experts feel this way; However, others an interesting argument. Text messaging may not be so bad. Some experts add that the use of abbreviations is a new way of communication that demonstrates the dexterity and creativity. This method of communication extends the language capabilities and demonstrates the ingenuity. There are cases where people catch themselves a “text message lingo” of academic papers, while not causing harm to others.

I have noted a few things to benefit individuals with text messages. Another way is to use this method of communication connects people. Many people are in constant contact with each other. They have a strong interest to know what is going on in people’s lives, and share information that they would not otherwise. Some discussion topics, or at least, there is never any direct dialogue. Sometimes it is because we are too afraid, or forget the future. There are other situations when you send text messages and talking on the phone may be more appropriate (quiet public place). Thus, it is a lot of convenience and does not distract others.

has been mentioned numerous text messages as an affront to human beings. I am fully aware that the only valid explanations, authentic data and statistical analysis. However, the rise of text messaging is a new phenomenon and there is not enough data available to construct the final conclusions. Many experts have developed several hypotheses that hope to test in the near future. I came across some studies, but I found a lot of mistakes that would lead to inaccurate justifications. Some of the study sample only a few students in a special secondary school, which is valid results. I chose not to share that information and conclusions of the above reasons. Future studies would be interesting to stratify the data type of mobile phone (compare to regular phone vs smartphone and see if there is any significant difference in impact – whether positive or negative).


Source by Anupam Kathpalia

HGTV Home Town – The Mississippi Review


This Sunday, January 24 to HGTV, the pilot of a new series debut. The name of the show Hometown. I’m excited Hometown, going for Laurel, Mississippi, which is two and a half hours in which I live.

The show aired at 11:00 on Sunday, which meant that a large part of the population of the Mississippi was at the church. I started watching the DVR and the moment I was at home to attend the University Baptist Church in Starkville, Mississippi.

In this article, I share general information Hometown, we liked the show and that I questioned the show. (Note that I’m not saying that I do not like some aspects of the show. Rather, my question why do not we do anything a certain way. )

About the Show (from HGTV website)

Erin Napier and Ben love their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, especially the old historic houses. materials and old textiles found in the help; They kept the character of these classic homes, but giving them a modern and affordable upgrades. From Erin ingenious handmade custom handmade sketches Ben, Laurel homes this couple brings back to life and making the future of the small town as bright as the past.

HGTV Home Town: The Mississippi Review

7 things I liked best the show Hometown.

The Napiers a friendly couple who are the best small town in Mississippi. Erin grew up in Laurel and met Ben in college. Erin and Ben is a great camera presence and clearly care about the city. These cute together and work well in front of the cameras.

1-Hand drawings


Property Day, Erin hand drawing showed the potential for house renovations . I really liked because of the purchase of a few do not have to imagine the renovations, you could actually see it! The audience could see on the screen is too drawings in pastel colors. Very cool.

2- Murals on the sides of buildings

The city’s planned murals Erin Laurel was outstanding. It was fun to see a time lapse of the mural painted on the building, which is next to the Amtrak railroad tracks. Erin is very talented and a really special plans for buildings.

3 Memorable Quotes

“Welcome to Laurel, you,” said Erin reference to her murals.

“Safety 1 st America,” said , Ben, when you remove the brick porch.

“Good taste is not necessarily a lot of money” when talking about the pine floors to the second floor.

Blue Chevy Truck 4-

Instead of the typical SUV, which can be seen in many home shows the Napiers drove an old blue Chevy truck. That was nice, and it would be much stretch, the road to a small town in Mississippi. The only problem is that most people do not drive trucks without air conditioning!

5- holding in the

During the show, the Napiers talked about helping the community a house and a couple at a time. Plus, they are also used for local workers in home renovations, interior design and even bought locally.

6 History

“I want something that tells the story,” Ben said as he built the table. The wood buyers big grandfather (I think) at home, and a table and a wooden kitchen island. Ben was designed to the buyer to cry because I meant- the table and did it! That’s so sweet.

Sidewalks 7-

loved the Napiers walking on the sidewalk in the historic district. The visual small-town Mississippi magnolia trees was perfect. Instead of a teeming metropolis, I’m glad the Hometown Americana is another side – a small town.

Things issues

I loved the show and wanted more! The three things I do not doubt derogatory or negative. Rather, I question why something happened. Here we go –

1 Sewing porch

It’s warm in Mississippi, particularly in May and June. Keep the humidity alone indoors seam. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone sew the front porch. If you have a large space was needed, what would make up the cushion and sew a large formal dining table as well. My grandmother, who lived in the third room of the house is also clear out one room and hang a quilting frame that one quilt room. A quilting frame took up the whole room. That was 35 years ago, and I think he was the window air conditioner at the time.

2- Entertainment porch

Full disclosure – I do not get outside summer weddings Mississippi. Therefore, the idea of ​​having a party outside on the porch is not an attractive option for me personally. Do people really entertain the porch? Maybe if it had a historic house, perhaps to do. But it has never been to a gathering on the porch, except for 35 to 40 years ago. My grandmother (35-40 years ago), you can still sit on the porch and under the tree, because the three-bedroom house was too small to fit the whole family. Today is likely to gather in one of the larger apartments.

3- Diversity

Because I live in Mississippi, to feel comfortable talking about this issue. The only African-American to remember the show was the mayor. Anyone who grew up in Mississippi will have friends that will employ other people of other races, and you’ll see the other species when shopping locally. I would have thought that the producers had at least some African-American friends on the porch at the end of the renovation.

Overall, I thought it was a hit Hometown! Congratulations to Erin and Ben Napier Laurel, Mississippi excellent pilot show. I hope that answers the HGTV show, and we will see many more of Erin and Ben.


Source by Kathleen C Olivieri

The origin of Track and Field


Athletics commonly known as track and field. The athletics is divided into three categories such as running, jumping and throwing events. The origin of athletics started back to 776 BC in Greece. Athletic competitions are organized union of religious holidays. The events were arranged for men only, women can not take part in it. It is conducted for centuries, but the real development started in England in the 19th century. Many students in schools and universities gave a boost to athletics.

The origin of athletics began in Greece, an individual sport. From 776 BC, the sports event held in Olympia every four years, and it carried nearly 12 centuries. The track and field events in the three-meter races and events such as javelin, long jump, wrestling, boxing, etc., is really the beginning of the 19th century has accelerated the events in France, Germany and Britain. Athletics, the United States announced that the 1860 Amateur Athletic Union to start in 1888 held the first inter-college athletics competitions and has been one of the most popular high school sport in the United States. Every year, thousands of high school students have been in athletics.

The modern day athletics rules quite different from those in ancient times. The spirit of the game is the same, and each event has evolved in popularity as the day progresses. They were the only issues remaining condition for the athletes because athletics event held part-time sports and they do not accept money or prizes. The athletes banned for life. Although the rules have changed, and soon after the track and field events are a professional and modern look.

The origin of the modern Olympic Games track and field event started in 1896. Slowly and gradually became an international track and field sports, and in 1913 the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) was founded composed of 16 countries. The IAAF general rules set out in the sport and soon later, the course has completely changed the sport. The construction of the fabulous stadium soon began and the important term world record was approved in 1913

Today the athletes many opportunities to participate in track and field events . You have the choice of taking part in track events such as sprints, short and long-distance running, hurdles, relays, etc. If you have enough perseverance, you can participate in road running, race walking, or the famous marathon event. The choice of the javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw and discus throw has been admired by a lot of strong athletes. The events such as high jump, long jump, pole vault, triple jump, etc. has added more excitement to the event.


Source by Candis Reade